Our Platform enable to collaborate and Innovate: Our vendors Al Naboodah + Mr. Airkon work together to churn out a Ashok Leyland Freezer Truck

December 11, 2022

Naboodah and Mr Airkon, two of our vendors have partnered to solve a new type of food challenge: transporting frozen goods while they are still frozen. Naboodah developed a cost-effective freezer transportation system specifically for this purpose, which could be mounted on any truck that could carry it. They connected with Mr. Airkon, who provided them with a powerful chiller system from their product line. This results in vehicle designed specifically for transporting perishable goods over long distances without them thawing. The truck is based on an Ashok Leyland Heavy Duty truck, and the truck is fitted with a powerful Freezer system from Mr. Airkon (DS-950M), which ensures that the temperature inside the container remains steady as it travels, eliminating the need for ice packs or dry ice during long journeys. Together, these modules provide a platform for Naboodah to provide refrigerated transport across Africa without having to buy multiple trucks equipped with specialized temperature control systems. This partnership is important because it shows how the Autotek.ae platform can help companies build their business in new ways by connecting them with experts in their fields. We as a hub for domain experts from all over to pool their experience and knowledge with each other to drive innovations in automotive industry and create complete ecosystem of Enhancing society and creating a global culture of innovation.

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