January 13, 2022


A vehicle's performance is more than just horsepower and handling. It is also important to consider how well your vehicle brakes. It is critical to have good brakes and brake pads.

When you press the brake pedal, the brake pads grip the rotors, reducing your momentum. It is critical to use the proper brake pad with your brakes. Mismatched brake pads can cause overheating and a reduction in stopping power. This problem, known as "brake fade," can be quite dangerous.


Following World War II, automobiles began to feature gleaming full-size hubcaps. However, if you park too close to a curb, you risk damaging or dislodging those hubcaps. As a result, astute drivers began putting so-called curb feelers on the passenger seat of their vehicles. These long, slender metal elements protrude from the lower fenders. A metallic scraping sound informs you that you're approaching too close to the curb when they rub against it. Curb feelers, sometimes known as "cat whiskers," are commonly featured on 1950s classics. (The mid-century look also calls for fuzzy dice dangling from the rear-view mirror). Curb feelers appear out of position on new cars.


The majority of modern cars do not have visible hub caps. However, curb rash is still a concern, particularly with today's alloy wheels. Mild damage can frequently be smoothed out and painted over, but the damage remains.

As a preventative step, install a rim guard, which gives a dash of color to the rims while also providing some protection. Some rim guards are adhered to the wheel via glue. Other models require you to jack up a tire, reduce the air, and insert the guard between both the rim and the tire sidewall before pumping up the tire and repeating the process. You should also keep an eye out for front spoilers or "chins" that could collide with a curb or parking barrier. These blunders might have serious consequences. Fortunately, sensor technology outperforms traditional curb feelers. Many automobiles, for example, now feature sensor-based parking aids that beep or flash dashboard indications to alert you when you're too close to the curb. Low-cost exterior cameras are also quite useful. If your vehicle lacks this equipment, you could install a sensor that sounds an alert as you approach the curb. Drivers can modify the desired dependent on their level of comfort.


Regardless of advances in technology, the desire to avoid scratching your wheels has never gone away. Fortunately, you’re one click away from an effective solution for easy parking.

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