Experience the Thrill of Record-Breaking Speed with McMurtry Spéirling Concept Car

February 1, 2023

Are you ready to experience the thrill of record-breaking speed? Look no further than the revolutionary McMurtry Spéirling concept car. This electric single-seat prototype is set to revolutionize your driving experience with its incredible acceleration and power.

The engineers at McMurtry have not yet released mass and power figures, but they are confident that this vehicle will weigh less than 1000 kg while boasting a mass to power ratio of 746 kW per 1000 kg (1 horsepower per kilogram). In December 2022, it achieved an impressive 0-60mph time in just 1.40 seconds - setting a new world record for quickest accelerating road car using independent GPS timing!

With such amazing performance capabilities, it’s easy to see why so many drivers are eager to get behind the wheel of this stunning concept car. The combination of lightweight construction materials along with advanced aerodynamics makes this vehicle incredibly efficient while still providing enough acceleration for thrilling performance driving experiences without sacrificing safety standards or environmental sustainability measures like those found in other cars on today’s market. Plus, its sleek design adds another layer of appeal which may attract more buyers who appreciate style as much as performance capabilities when selecting their vehicles.

With so many advantages going into one incredible package – there’s no doubt why so many people are excited about what McMurtry's Spéirling can do!

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