Park Like a Pro: Hyundai's New E-corner Steering System

May 4, 2023

If you're someone who struggles with parallel parking or simply parking in general, Hyundai's new e-Corner System may be just what you need. Developed by Hyundai's part supplier arm, Hyundai Mobis, this innovative steering system allows for each wheel to be operated independently, opening up a world of possibilities for maneuvering in tight spaces.

Hyundai has demonstrated the remarkable capabilities of the e-Corner System on their Ioniq 5 electric vehicle in a video. The mechanism allows drivers to swivel all four wheels 90 degrees, allowing them to do four distinct moves with ease.

A crab walk is the first technique shown, which entails moving the vehicle from left to right while keeping the wheels at an angle to the direction of travel. This is a good approach for crossing small roadways or fitting into tiny parking places.

The second maneuver depicted is a zero turn, in which the front and rear wheels revolve in opposing directions, allowing the automobile to spin in place perfectly. This is an excellent option for getting out of tight locations where a typical three-point turn would be impossible.

The third technique shown is a diagonal turn, in which all four wheels spin at an angle in the same direction, allowing for a faster and more agile version of the crab walk maneuver.

Finally, the e-Corner System supports pivot turns, in which the rear wheels rotate 90 degrees in opposite directions, swinging the car around. This maneuver is useful for parking in tight spots or executing rapid U-turns.

While Hyundai has not stated when the e-Corner System will be available for purchase or provided any technical details, the demonstration video has already spiked the interest of drivers who struggle with parking. This new technology is a game changer, providing enhanced mobility and ease of use for drivers who previously struggled with parking.

In short, Hyundai's e-Corner System is a big advancement in the automotive industry, and it's thrilling to see the potential benefits it offers for drivers who struggle with parking. While we will have to wait for more information from Hyundai, the capabilities shown in the video are impressive and have the potential to make parking a breeze.


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